What does this APP do?

SPE determines and compares the grade of sustainability of the homes using a simply questionnaire. It also recommends improvements to increase the sustainability of your properties.

Sustainability comparison

SPE shows you the comparison in terms of sustainability between the 2 or 3 properties you’ve chosen.

Sustainability report

Sustainability in the building sector revolves around the balance between financial, health and well-being and environmental aspects of properties. Sustainable means those that allow energy expenses to be minimised, that are designed to ensure the health and well-being of the residents and that, furthermore, involve low operating and maintenance costs.

The SPE sustainability report determines the details of the points to improve in the building in terms of sustainability, and offers a series of recommendations aimed at increasing its levels of sustainability.

Benefits for you

I want to stay in my own house

Know the sustainability level of your house. Discover which improvements you can make to increase sustainability. Improve the sustainability level of the house:
  • Reduce the expenses in your home.
  • Increase your quality of life.
  • Minimise the environmental impact and contribute to the fight against climate change

I want to change home or office

Know the sustainability level of each of the homes you visit. Compare the sustainability of each of the homes. Choose the most sustainable home and make suitable improvements that will allow you to:
  • Save money by reducing expenses (in the home, transportation, etc.)
  • Have a home with the best health and well-being features.
  • Reduce the environmental impacts and contribute to the fight against climate change.

I buy and sell homes

Know the sustainability level of each the homes you visit. Compare the sustainability of each of the homes. Offer the most sustainable homes that have most added value:
  • Offer homes with a higher economic value.
  • Offer homes with the best living conditions (aeration, light, accessibility, etc.).
  • Offer homes that respect the environment.


With the SPE report you'll access to the discounts in some products and services that offer companies committed with the sustainability.

What aspects does SPE assess to determine the grade of sustainability?

  • Economics
    SPE assesses the areas related to financial expenses linked to the property. In this regard, aspects related to maintenance, energy and property among others are assessed.
  • Health and well-being
    Aspects related to health and well-being are all those that contribute to the safety, comfort, well-being and convenience of the people that use a building. SPE assesses aspects like property’s orientation, light, openings and temperature regulation systems among others.
  • Environmental
    The reduction of greenhouse gases through our daily behaviour is the first step that must be taken in the fight against climate change. In this regard, SPE assesses the type of exterior walls, transportation and energy sources among other aspects to determine the level of environmental friendliness.

How does it work?

Sign in to start using SPE. You’ll be able to save the data about your homes, recover the reports and generate bills for the reports, if you wish. Furthermore, you’ll be able to determine the sustainability of as many homes as you wish!

Add a house and answer the questionnaire:
  1. SPE will show you the level obtained for economic, social and environmental areas.
  2. With SPE you’ll obtain the sustainability level of the property as a whole.
  3. Add more homes and compare the sustainability levels of each home against another.
It’s completely free!

Request your detailed property or properties report for just 5€.You’ll obtain improvement recommendations for you to increase the house’s sustainability level and reduce household expenses.

SPE works by using a scientifically proven methodology to analyse and determine the level of sustainability. The SPE app was created by a team of young sustainable building professionals.